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Foundations of Mastery, part 1 - Breathing with your Diaphragm.

What you get in this Course!

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In "Foundations of Mastery - part 1," you learn the crucial skill of breathing with your diaphragm. Part 2 teaches you other aspects of the Bel Canto technique.

Have you ever wondered WHY the old school opera legends made everything sound so easy? Or HOW they could breathe so quietly, yet seem to have an endurance worthy of a marathon runner?

Do you some times struggle to hit those high notes? Do you ever run out of breath when you sing long phrases? Or even worse, do you ever have a tired or sore throat from singing?

How many times have you heard about professional singers who have lost their high notes - while they are still quite young? Why do you think that happens?

MOST of the problems singers come to me for help with are based on a total lack of control of the diaphragm. Of course, there might be other things that also need to be adjusted, but when the breathing isn't there, nothing else is going to be consistently good.

All it takes is 10 mintues a day with you doing the exercises I give you, in this course. Can you do that? Do you have 10 minutes day to start transforming your singing and life?

No music theory or musical background needed

Easy-to-understand explanations

Affordable, accessible and understandable

4 easy-to-follow videos, where I tell you what to do, how to do it and why:

Video 1: Breathing with the diaphragm explained. I show and tell you WHAT it means, WHERE it happens, and WHY you must do it that way. This is not a lecture in anatomy with lots of medical terminology. I explain everything in very easy to undestand language, while showing you exactly what I mean.

Video 2: Breathing with the diaphragm exercises. These are all the exercises I had to do when I was trained by Meneghelli. I have added a few that I have come across later as well. This is a very easy to follow video, where you can do the exercises with me, both standing up and laying down.

Video 3: My super secrets to faster results. I was very impatient when I started out with Meneghelli. I wanted to find ways to build my endurance faster, and I tink you will laugh a bit when you see what my solutions were. It is so easy that it is almost ridiculous, but every time I tell singers about it they go, "Oh, WHY didn't I think of that?"

Video 4: A very short video telling exactly how you should breathe IN.

You also get several downloadable PDFs to guide you.

Each of the other modules from my big Bel Canto course are available as separate courses (link to 2 of them in the check out section).

Start your transformation now for only € 147

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My Bel Canto background

I was trained in old school Bel Canto technique with private lessons 6 days a week, for many years, by the great, Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli. She had the same singing teacher as the iconic Maria Callas. I have extensive experience as a concert singer, singing the most challenging arias in the world, being a coloratura soprano. When one of my 4 kids was diagnosed with health problems I stopped performing and focused on being a manager and singing teacher instead.

After 13 years coaching singers in person, I spent 3 months creating my signature online course: "Become a Bel Canto Master Singer," in 2021, with the goal of saving singers both time and money, without compromising on quality.

This "Foundations of Mastery, part 1" Breathing Course has been taken from that bigger course, and it can be studied independently, no matter what level you are on.

You do not need any background in music to follow this Course.

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"Hidalgo had the real great training, maybe even the last great training of the real Bel Canto."

( Maria Callas, 1968)

Bel Canto singing is in many ways the art of millimeters - which is a good thing. Very small adjustments makes a huge difference - and it is just a matter of having someone telling you what those adjustments are, so you can do it yourself. Breathing correctly is the foundation of everything else.

My singing teacher, Maestra Aida Meneghelli, was a genius when it comes to creating beautiful sound - some times driving me crazy with her demands for perfection. She was very old school, having been trained 6 days a week herself, by the great Elvira De Hidalgo - having sung in all the major theatres in Italy.

It is a great pleasure to pass this legendary technique on to others. I am also adding from my own experiences when it comes to confidence building, facing horrendous odds and obstacles - so I can help and inspire others who have "impossible" dreams.

"If you don't have the Bel Canto, you cannot sing any opera, as a matter of fact, not even the most modern."

(Maria Callas, 1968)

It would be easy to make this course about Bel Canto technique sound and look very complicated, burying it under piles of mandatory books and lessons about music theory and history, sprinkled with expert language that can scare even the most motivated away. That was not the way I was trained, and that's not how I operate. I care about results, and only by communicating clearly what the singer should do will you get that.



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