HELLO! I am Aina Elisabeth - The Bel Canto Coach!

I am the singing teacher and creator of the "Become a Bel Canto Master Singer" course.

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Become a Bel Canto Master Singer - Module 5, part 1 - The Singing Lessons.

I was trained in old school Bel Canto technique with private lessons 6 days a week, for years, by the great, Italian soprano Aida Meneghelli. She had the same singing teacher as the iconic Maria Callas.

After years, coaching singers in person and on Skype, I spent months creating my signature online course: "Become a Bel Canto Master Singer," in 2021, with the goal of saving singers both time and money, without compromising on quality.

This Master Class has been taken from that bigger course, and it can be studied independently, no matter what level you are on.

You do not need any background in music to follow this Class.

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"Hidalgo had the real great training, maybe even the last great training of the real Bel Canto."

(Maria Callas, 1968)

Start honing your skills with these crucial Lessons!

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Become a Bel Canto Master Singer - Module 5 - part 1.

In these four lessons I introduce you to the world of Nicola Vaccaj and his "Metodo Pratico di Canto," (A Practical Metod of Singing), from 1833.

This first Class is a crucial exercise, or arietta, for all singers, introducing you to Legato singing - What it is, How to do it, and WHY.

It also introduces you to the importance of singing on top of the breath, with total control of your diaphragm - the foundation of everything, when it comes to Bel Canto.

In the next three lessons you will learn how to sing increasingly big intervals perfectly, while also learning which parts of words to stress, how to pronounce vowels, consontants and much more.

The ariettas, or exercises, are short and easy to memorise. Each of them have a specific purpose, teaching you various aspects of this wonderful technique, and they often build on each other, despite being individual lessons.

Each of the 4 lessons are structured the same way: 6 videos, PDFs and audio files.

What you get in each of these Lessons:

6 easy-to-follow videos that are structured like this:

Video 1 and 2: you get an in depth explanation to WHAT you are about to sing, HOW you are going to sing the exercise and WHY you should do it that way.

Video 3: You learn how to pronounce the Italian lyrics correctly.

Video 4: You get to hear and see a beginner (William, a tenor) sing the exercise, under my guidance.

Video 5: You get to hear and see a professional singer (Berit, a soprano) sing it, under my guidance.

Video 6: In the last video I explain what some of the most common mistakes are, and I also show you how that sounds, in a fun and non judgemental way.

You also get downloadable PDFs to guide you.

In addition to the 4 Lessons in this Module, the "Bel Canto Master Singer Course" has several modules specifically teaching you the various skills you need; breathing with the diaphragm, placing the voice "in the mask," posture, mental training, meditation, warm up exercercises, etc.

Each of the modules from the main course are available as separate courses.

No music theory or musical background needed

Easy-to-understand explanations

Affordable, accessible and understandable

5 years ago, where did you think you would be in 5 years when it comes to your talent? Are you there now?


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It would be easy to make this sound and look very complicated, burying the technique under piles of mandatory books and lessons about music theory and music history, sprinkled with expert language that can scare even the most motivated away. Of course, it is ALWAYS good to know those subjects as well, BUT it is not necessary in order to learn the actual art of singing itself. This Class is ALL about singing, HOW to do it and WHY you should do it that way.


If you follow my instructions, and the examples of the two singers you see in this course, you will start paying attention to the little details, becoming aware of what it is that actually creates the most beautiful sound, when you sing.

I always say this is the art of millimeters, which is a good thing. Very small adjustments makes a huge difference - and it is just a matter of having someone telling you what those adjustments are so you can do it yourself.

My singing teacher, Maestra Aida Meneghelli, was a genius when it comes to creating beautiful sound - some times driving me crazy with her demands for perfection. She was very old school, having been trained 6 days a week herself, by the great Elvira De Hidalgo.

It is a great pleasure to pass this legendary technique on to others. I am also adding from my own experiences when it comes to confidence building, facing horrendous odds and obstacles - so I can help and inspire others who have "impossible" dreams.

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